Stories of Confidence

Stories of Confidence

“They Believed in Me, So I Could Believe in Myself.”

Patricia grew up hearing she would never have a family, never live on her own, and never have a job because she is visually impaired. She believed all of this to be true, until she came to The Chicago Lighthouse. Now, Patricia is the Business Manager of our Low Vision Clinic. She owns a house, has two children, and helps support her entire family. See how The Chicago Lighthouse changed her life in the video below.

Please consider donating to The Chicago Lighthouse and supporting our 40 programs and services that help people like Patricia who are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans build the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Together, we shine brighter.



PATRICIA–“Now, I have a job. I own a house. I’ve raised two children, and I am able to assist my family in every aspect that they need.”

Be on the lookout for our commercials featuring four employees whose lives have been transformed thanks to The Chicago Lighthouse. The commercials will air on ABC 7, CBS 2, NBC 5, and WGN TV, as well as on WBBM AM radio.


KALARI–“My dad said, ‘You can’t ever be average. You’re going to have to be five steps ahead.’”
SANDY–“I never imagined I would get to hear myself on the radio … It’s actually pretty neat!”
GEOVANNI–“Working at The Chicago Lighthouse lets me do what I love.”



“Lighting the Way”


Sandy’s story: “Together We Shine Brighter”
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