Digital Accessible Experience: Busting the Myths to Benefit your Business

Jose Martinez, Lead Accessibility Analyst
Geovanni Bahena, Accessibility Analyst
Moderated by Phil Yatvin, Director of DAX and Chicago Lighthouse Industries


Is your website really accessible? As the accessibility industry grows, some implementation practices may be insufficient and overly expensive. Hear firsthand from a team of certified analysts who have over 30 years of lived experience navigating the web as individuals who are blind. These experts have partnered with organizations such as Epic, the Chicago Housing Authority, and Briteweb marketing agency to make their digital properties more intuitive. They’ll discuss how to do accessibility right to not only increase your bottom line but also strengthen your brand.

close up graphic of a computer keyboard with three special keys: 1) a wheelchair icon; 2) a hearing icon; 3) an icon of a person with a white cane

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