Seniors Program – How To Increase Your Social Connections: Call-In Only

This program will take place over the phone.

Please direct all program inquiries and RSVPs to Melissa Wittenberg at T: (847) 510-2060 or

CALL-IN INSTRUCTIONS: After you RSVP for any/all programs that you’d like to participate in, here’s how to call into each of the programs – we will use the same call-in number for all programs: To join any of the programs, dial 872-242-7995. It will then ask you to enter the Conference ID  737 107 407 followed by #. It will ask if you are the meeting organizer and since you are not, continue waiting and shortly after that you will be admitted into the program.

Well Connected & Well Connected Español are virtual communities offering conversations, lifelong learning opportunities, support groups, lectures & much more, in Spanish & English. Well Connected participants can play a game, learn a language, write a poem, go on a virtual tour, meditate, share a gratitude, get support & most importantly, connect & engage with others every day across the country. All groups are accessible by phone call or online. Well Connected is a Front Porch Community Engagement Program & is free of charge to all.

RSVP to Melissa: (847) 510-2060.

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