The Chicago Lighthouse/Miami University Business Start-up Microcredential

Chicago Lighthouse/Miami University of Ohio Business Start-up Microcredential

In partnership with World Services for The Blind, The Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center at The Chicago Lighthouse and Miami University of Ohio, are proud to offer the first-ever Business Start-up Microcredential Certification for individuals who are interested in starting a business. Students who successfully complete the “Starting a Business” and “Accounting Basics and Financial Reports” workshops and the Miami University CMR 105 “Introduction to Marketing” course will earn a Business Startup Microcredential Certificate from The Chicago Lighthouse and Miami University.


What is The Chicago Lighthouse/Miami University Business Start-up Microcredential?
The Chicago Lighthouse Miami University Microcredential equips prospective entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge and skills needed for starting and running a small business. Students must first successfully complete two Chicago Lighthouse “Business Workshop Series” and may subsequently complete the Miami University “Introduction to Marketing” course to earn a microcredential certification.

Who Can Enroll?
Any individual interested in starting their own business can enroll. The courses are meant to develop a specific product or service idea into a business concept. The courses are written only in English at the high-school level.

How Much Does It Cost?
There is no direct cost to any enrollee if a referring Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor authorizes and pays the monthly tuition fee of $2,568.00 to World Services for the Blind. The program accepts students on a rolling admission basis, and learning is self-paced. Students are expected to complete the program in six to nine months. The cost of the Miami University CMR 105 “Introduction to Marketing” course is $1,050.00. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors can pay the University through World Services for the Blind, or directly pay Miami University. Tuition for the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center workshop series costs$2,568.00 a month–not to exceed nine months of study.

How to Enroll?
Candidates can complete the online enrollment form anytime. However, candidates cannot begin the course of study until World Services for the Blind receives either a signed authorization form from a referring Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, or private payment from a candidate who self-pays their tuition.

How Are the Courses Taught?
At The Chicago Lighthouse, each video workshop series is delivered online on the Canvas Learning Management System. An instructor will offer live one-on-one learning consultations during office hours. The instructor will review, grade, and offer feedback to students on course assignments.

The Miami University CMR 105 “Introduction to Marketing” course is a full semester college course taught online.


Course Descriptions

Starting a Business Series
Students will investigate and develop skills and information necessary for documenting a business model. They will construct a value proposition, identify key resources, activities, and partners for their enterprise, consider target market segments, investigate costs and revenue streams, and focus on key assumptions of their conceptual business.

Students will complete a workbook which will result in developing a “Business Model Canvas,” a strategic management template for developing and documenting new and existing business concepts. They will develop a visual chart with elements describing their value proposition, infrastructure, customers, costs, and finances. The instructor will review, provide feedback and grade each element of the workbook.

Accounting Basics and Financial Reports Series
Students will learn the basics of accounting–including the Accounting Equation as the basis for the debit and credit system of bookkeeping, the understanding and creation of the three basic financial statements, financial ratios, and their use in financial statement analysis.

Students will complete a workbook which will result in drafting a balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow statement. Students will also demonstrate their ability to analyze financial statements.

CMR 105: Introduction to Marketing–Miami University Online Course
Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of and application of marketing terminology, concepts, activities, and strategies. They will understand marketing functions within the organization and external environments, and marketing contributions toward org attainment of goals and objectives. Students will apply marketing concepts, theories, and tools to set marketing objectives and solve problems.

Students will create a marketing plan including executive summary, company description, strategic plan, situation analysis, market product focus, marketing strategy, and financial data.



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