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Leading Edge

(from Annual Report 2016)

Dear Friends,

Reflecting on the celebration of our 110th anniversary in 2016, we are struck by the countless number of individuals whose lives have been profoundly changed by The Chicago Lighthouse.  Examples abound of people who either found their niche here or developed the skills to land important positions elsewhere.  We have been both a trendsetter in providing innovative employment opportunities and an incubator helping people who are blind, visually impaired or disabled realize their talents.

That proud tradition continues to the present day and is reflected on the cover of this year’s annual report:  “Leading Edge.”  We showcase 14 exceptional young people who through their extraordinary accomplishments have left an indelible mark on our organization or have gone on to pursue promising academic or professional careers thanks to what they learned here.

Among them are Sandy Murillo who is realizing her dream of becoming a journalist thanks to being able to write her own Lighthouse blog that has gained a global audience.  Another is Brett Shishkoff who is getting hands-on experience as a broadcaster through his work in our CRIS Radio program.  There are also Daniela Estrada who is pursuing a law degree from Cornell University thanks in part to a Lighthouse scholarship, and Richard Schultz who is being groomed to open his own vending business thanks to invaluable training he received in our customer service centers.

You can read more about them and the ten other young leaders we profile in these pages.  We guarantee that you will be inspired by their stories of courage and determination!

As we move forward and begin the next chapter in our rich history, we look forward to reporting on other exciting developments in our community of comprehensive care.

On behalf of all the people whose lives you’ve touched through your generous support, we thank you!

Janet P. Szlyk, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Low Vision Research Laboratory

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