Geovanni Bahena

Accessibility Analyst

Geovanni Bahena started his Lighthouse journey in 2018 as an agent in our UI Health call center. During his transition to accessibility work, U I Health was also transitioning to Epic Systems Corporation for their CMR needs. Geovanni played a pivotal role in documenting Epic Hyperspace’s accessibility features, along with training the Lighthouse call center trainer on how they work.

As a DAX analyst, he has tested sites and applications for accessibility and usability compliance from clients such as Briteweb, The Illinois minimum continuing legal education board, the US department of Housing and urban development, and Google.

Geovanni is Proficient in JAWS, VoiceOver on iOS, and ChromeVox on Chrome OS. He is an avid tech user, trainer and computer hobbyist, who credits technology for allowing him to live a productive life.


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