Juan Gonzalez

Accessibility Analyst

Juan Gonzalez, CPACC, started his Lighthouse journey in 2019 as an agent in our UI Health call center. During his transition to accessibility work, he wrote JAWS scripts for our ShoreTel phone system. Those scripts increased our remote call center agents productivity during the pandemic and beyond.

As a DAX analyst, he has tested sites and applications for accessibility and usability compliance from clients such as Briteweb, the Chicago Housing Authority, and Google. Juan is Proficient in NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver mac and iOS, ChromeVox, Talkback, HTML, Javascript and CSS. Prior to working at the Chicago lighthouse, Juan worked as a web developer and ran his own computer repair business. Juan holds an Associates degree in Computer Science from McHenry County Community college. His personal backgrounds are what currently assist DAX when it comes to issue remediation. Juan is also an avid runner and Beep Baseball star with the Chicago Comets.


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