“Fit & Strong” Rounds out Seniors Programming

She attends plays and visits museums.  She also goes on yacht cruises and participates in other special events.  In addition, she makes the long commute to The Lighthouse several times a week from her home near Midway Airport on Chicago’s far southwest side.

For a 68-year-old who is legally blind, she has the energy level of someone much younger!

Asked what her secret is, Alice Kubistal smiles and says she watches what she eats, stays active and tries to maintain a positive attitude about living.

Alice also appreciates the importance of working out to stay healthy.

That’s why the new Fit & Strong! Exercise program, offered by The Lighthouse in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), is right up her alley!
This innovative program is especially designed to help ensure that seniors coping with vision loss can enjoy good health.

“I am always impressed by the variety of interesting programs that The Lighthouse offers us,” Alice says.  “These classes will give me greater incentive to stay in shape.”
Eligible participants will be enrolled in the free exercise and health education program for 12 weeks, two days per week, 90 minutes per day.  Participants will also answer questions about their health before and after taking the class.

To qualify, individuals must be 50 years of age or older; have a visual impairment and have pain/stiffness in their body (lower back, hips, knees, feet, etc.)

“We are thrilled to offer Fit & Strong! to our seniors like Alice,” says Laurine Donahue, director of the seniors program at The Lighthouse.  “It ties in nicely with our efforts to promote an overall healthy lifestyle that encourages good nutrition, exercise and staying active.”

Laurine points out that serving as instructor will be Bob Kim, a certified fitness trainer who himself is legally blind.  Bob is also a past Lighthouse program participant.

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