Student Code of Conduct

As a student at The Chicago Lighthouse’s Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center, faculty and staff your educational goals by providing an environment characterized by respect, academic integrity, and fairness.

The Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center’s “Student Code of Conduct” builds on the policies and guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook. As a student of the institute, your responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting yourself with professionalism, courtesy, and respect for others in your dealings with the The Chicago Lighthouse’s and the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center’s, faculty, staff, and other students.
  2. Presenting your qualifications and background truthfully and accurately for admission to the The Chicago Lighthouse and the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center.
  3. Observing the institute’s policies and rules on submitting assignments and participating in faculty online office hours.
  4. Turning in work that is your own—not presenting another person’s ideas or scholarship as your own.
  5. Not asking for, receiving, or giving unauthorized help on graded assignments.
  6. Never divulging the content of, or answers to assignments to fellow students.
  7. Maintaining the security of your password by not sharing it with fellow students or others.
  8. Observing the recommended assignment submission schedule for your course.
  9. Never soliciting money from The Chicago Lighthouse’s or the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center’s faculty, staff, or students.
  10. Reporting any violations of this “Student Code of Conduct” and reporting any evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or improper conduct on the part of any student of the The Chicago Lighthouse’s Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center when you have direct knowledge of these activities.

By following this code, all students, faculty, and staff can participate in a positive learning environment. Students are advised that violations to this “Student Code of Conduct” or other policies as set forth in the Student Handbook may result in disciplinary action, including suspension from studies or expulsion from The Chicago Lighthouse and/or the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center.

Grading Policy

  • The student may submit an assignment a total of two times (the original and one resubmission) at which point the instructor intervenes to allow a third attempt.
  • The student will be dropped from the course if he/she does not pass an assignment with a score of 75% after three attempts.
  • The student needs to earn a final grade of 75% or better to proceed to the next module.
  • A student must also earn a grade of 75% on the cumulative final exam in order to score a passing grade.

Note: Failure to score a minimum of 75% on all modules and the cumulative final exam will result in program termination.

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