Client Story: Priscilla Finds Her Next Adventure

At 86 years old, Priscilla is excited to start a new life chapter. Priscilla grew up in Chicago and has lived all over the world as a renowned photographer and artist. About fifteen years ago, she began having vision problems and learned that she has macular degeneration. She visited numerous clinics and vision centers over the years, but none were able to offer the help she wanted. Priscilla’s vision continued to fade, and her world began to shrink. She had to quit driving, and then she had to move from her lovely house in the woods to an apartment in town. Eventually, she moved back to Chicago to be closer to family.

Image of Priscilla“One good thing about coming back to Chicago was proximity to The Lighthouse,” Priscilla says. “I’ve known about The Lighthouse my whole life, but I haven’t lived in the area for years. One of the first things I did after getting settled in my new apartment was call the Low Vision Clinic.”

Priscilla visited our Huber Vision Rehabilitation Center located in Glenview in December 2022. “The Lighthouse is one of the most inclusive places I have ever seen!” she observes. Whereas practitioners at other clinics talked down to her and assumed she would not understand their findings, our optometrist was eager to engage with Priscilla. “The optometrist was so helpful. After the exam, she helped me better understand my diagnosis and shared information with me no other doctor had. She helped me understand how lighting and color can impact visual perception and learn how to use my peripheral vision more effectively.”

With so many services under one roof, Priscilla is eager to continue her journey with The Lighthouse. Next up: obtaining help signing up for paratransit services, learning how to use the accessibility features on her new iPad, and meeting with our clinical psychologist. Eventually, once Priscilla becomes reacclimated to life in Chicago, she hopes to volunteer at The Lighthouse. “I am not at all ready to slow down. Picasso and Monet had vision impairments that helped inspire their distinctive art practices. With help from The Lighthouse, I am thrilled to find fresh inspiration and start a new project.”


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