DePaul students are shown planting new gold Marigold flowers in The Lighthouse garden

Lighthouse Garden Spruced Up for Spring

The Chicago Lighthouse’s garden area got a sprucing up in time for the spring season thanks to the hard work of several volunteers from DePaul University and Lighthouse staff

The volunteers spent several hours recently, clearing away debris that had accumulated in the garden over the winter months.  In addition, they trimmed hedges, planted new flowers and performed other tasks.

“We wish to thank them for taking  the time to make our garden look great for the upcoming warm weather season,” said Jeanette Bonzani, senior vice president of human resources at The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse garden has won praise for its layout, landscaping and natural beauty.  In April, 2010, the National Wildlife Federation certified this sanctuary as a wildlife habitat providing a peaceful area for animals and plants to live.

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