New OrCam Device at Lighthouse Profiled on ABC 7

OrCam, a game-changing device  designed to make reading a lot easier for people who are visually impaired, was profiled by ABC 7 on April 24.

Anchor/reporter Hosea Sanders discussed the new product with Tom Perski, senior vice president of rehabilitation services, and Luke Scriven, assistive technology specialist at The Chicago Lighthouse.

They explained that OrCam, which is made in Israel, uses a tiny camera mounted onto a pair of glasses and a very small computer. Users then point to a section of text, which they want read.  The OrCam will take a picture of that section of the text, send the picture to the processor which will convert the text into a digital format, then the text will be spoken out loud through the speaker – all within a few seconds!

The Lighthouse is one of the few sites in the U.S. to offer demonstrations, evaluations and training on OrCam.

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