The Lighthouse Launches An ‘OrCam Universe’

Take a walk around The Chicago Lighthouse these days, and you may encounter an intriguing sight. Several employees have a device attached to their glasses that looks like a USB-drive with a small green light. The device is unobtrusive, but it’s making a huge difference around the building.

Welcome to The Lighthouse’s “OrCam Universe.” As the premier Midwest distributor of OrCam’s revolutionary MyEye 2, The Chicago Lighthouse is part of a pilot program to demonstrate how the device can level the workplace playing field for people who are blind or visually impaired. The MyEye 2, a life-changing piece of artificial intelligence technology, enables people who are blind or visually impaired to read printed text in real-time. It also can identify faces, packaged good products, and monetary denominations.

As part of the initiative, The Lighthouse has distributed MyEye 2 devices to roughly 20 employees throughout the agency. They’re being used by Customer Care Agents, Radio Journalists and Producers, Departmental Directors, Teachers, Job Placement Counselors, Receptionists, and Retail Sales Managers.

Even though the MyEye 2 devices were only distributed to employees at the beginning of January, we have already been getting positive feedback. In our Tools for Living™ Store, for instance, Andre uses the device to identify money and products immediately. Rick, a product manager at Lighthouse Industries, uses his MyEye 2 to review sales documents, product specification orders, and for navigating unfamiliar locations on business travel.

The Chicago Lighthouse’s partnership with OrCam and its revolutionary MyEye 2 is another way we are helping people who are blind or visually impaired live more independent, fulfilling lives. By working with the pioneers of assistive technology, we are reinforcing our mission of helping people with disabilities contribute meaningfully in the workplace and pursue the careers they love.

To see the OrCam MyEye 2 in action, check out this piece WBBM/CBS Chicago aired about The Chicago Lighthouse’s OrCam Universe.

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