Spring is finally here, and with it comes The Butterfly…..

The market for small portable electronic magnifiers has just got better with the introduction of a new device – The Butterfly from Zoomax. Zoomax has already impressed us with it’s Snow and Snow 7 HD  handheld electronic magnifiers, and the Butterfly continues their impressive track record.

Smaller than either of the Snow’s, the Butterfly features a 3.5 inch screen and weighs only 4.2 ounces making it ideal for taking around in a pocket or a purse. The magnifier also boasts 1.5x – 15x magnification and 5 different color modes.

The magnifier also has a fold out stand shaped like butterfly wings so yo can rest it on whatever you are reading without having to hold it up.

We love this magnifier as it is simple to use and really portable. Zoomax has a history of making great electronic magnifiers, and this is certainly no exception! At $299 we think this is great value for money and an essential tool. Call 312-997-3649 for more information!

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